UWP GRCH 'PR' True's Gotta Gun Too,
DNA-VIP, OFA Cardiac, PENN HIP .39/.42 


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9 Months


Introducing 'PR' UKC-registered, DNA-VIP Gauge.  He is our homebred boy out of Nina/JR born May 24th, 2003.   He is exactly what I was looking for out of this breeding, type, substance and attitude.  Due to injury Gauge is now retired from the show ring. 

We want to thank Leigh and Dennis Schlosser from Powerhouse Kennels in CA for allowing us to use their very special boy, JR, in our breeding program.



On May 8 7th at the MGKC show in Perry, GA, Gauge gets his last qualifying weight pull for his UWP title...thanks Chris!

On May 29th and 30th at the MS APBT Club show in McComb, Gauge takes all 3 Champion Classes under Judges Violet Denney, Gerald Smith, and Dan Crutchfield to finish his Grand in 12 total shows taking 5 CH wins and 4 Reserve CH wins.  He also earned Total Dog Award each day by pulling 1000 pounds on Saturday then 1800 pounds on Sunday, having no prior weight pull training and only his 2nd time in a harness.  Huge thanks to Chris Bennett for handling Gauge for his pull...you two make a great team!!!

On May 15th and 16th at the Great Southern Kennel Club show in Long Beach, MS Gauge takes a Reserve Champion under Judge Pam Perdue and a Champion Class win under Judge Linda Reese.

On May 1st and 2nd, 2004 at the Middle Georgia Kennel Club show in Perry, GA Gauge takes Reserve Champion wins  in all three shows under Judges Katherine Short, Tina Augustine and JD McNutt.

On March 28th, 2004 at the South Louisiana Kennel Club show in Denham Springs, LA, Gauge takes a Champion class win and a Best of Breed under Judge Skip Miller.  Four more wins to his Grand!!!

On March 14th, 2004 at the MSAPBT Club show in McComb, MS Gauge takes a Best of Winners under Judge Rosemarie O'Hara to earn his Championship title at 9 months old with 3 BOW's, a Reserve Best Male and several other class wins.  Gauge, being handled by my good friend Chris Bennett from C&C Kennels, took 1st place in the Non-License weight pull.  Without any training or even having a weight pull harness on prior to this event, Gauge at 9 months walked right through 730 pounds and would have continued with more weight, but we felt that for his age that was enough at one time.  Thanks Chris (C&C Kennels) for working Gauge!!!

On March 6th, 2004 at the FTFTA Club show in Wesley Chapel, FL Gauge takes 2 Best of Winners under Judges John Davidson and Teresa Werder.  On Sunday, March 7th Gauge takes a Reserve Best Male under Judge Linda Reece and a male puppy class win under Judge Pam Perdue.  He now has earned 2 majors and 80 points towards his championship title.

Again and for the third week in a row, Gauge cleans house by taking all of the NL Best In Show Puppy!!!  At the Middle Georgia Kennel Club show on November 9th, Gauge takes 3 Non-Licensed Best In Show Puppy under Judges Ronald Sacca, Herbert Rosen, and Richard Yates!!! 

For the second show weekend in a row Gauge cleans house by taking NL Best of Breed Puppy!!!  At the South Louisiana Kennel Club show on November 1st, Gauge takes Best of Breed Non-Licensed Puppy in a huge class of 12 pups under Judge Gerald Smith!!! 

Gauge wins three NL Best of Breed Puppy!!!  At the Sunshine Terrier Club show in Wesley Chapel, FL on October 25-26 Gauge takes 3 Best of Breed Non-Licensed Puppy under Judges Skip Miller, Dot Jacobs and Pam Perdue.  Also, Kabrina and Gauge win Best JR Handler under Judge Skip Miller...way to go guys!!! 


Gauge's Pedigree
Int'l CH, CH 'PR' Powerhouse's Young Gun
GRCH 'PR' Gaff's Strick's Smokin Gun

#8 Top Producing Sire
GRCH 'PR' Gaff's California Top Gun

#15 Top Producing Sire
1991 Top Ten #1
CH Davenport's Coolhand Luke

#4 Top Producing Sire
GRCH 'PR' Knowlwoods's CA Kellsey

#2 Top Producing Dam
1989 Top Ten #7
GRCH Full of Bull's Gaff's GA Elkie
GRCH Redwood's Shadytown Pud

1993 Top Ten #5
CH Northern CA Gaff's Kiss Me Kate

CH 'PR' Powerhouse's BRK Angel

#5 Top Producing Dam

GRCH 'PR' Redwood's Bam Bam of Bedrock
GRCH 'PR' Gaff's California Lexxus

#20 Top Producing Sire
CH 'PR' Knwlwds Redwood Just Like Dusty

#16 Top Producing Dam
CH 'PR' Nevada's Black Velvet
CH 'PR' Nevada's Chocolate Phantom
GRCH 'PR' Nevada's Otta Make Me Blue

#12 Top Producing Dam

GRCH 'PR' Boca's True To My Nina

GRCH 'PR' Gemini's Atlas Sharp As An Arrow 
GRCH 'PR' Marauder's Mighty Mercury

#6 Top Producing Sire
1996 Top Ten #6
1997 Top Ten #3
Ntl GRCH 'PR' Larum's Stormin Norman

1993 Top Ten #2
1994 Top Ten #1
1995 Top Ten #1
1996 Top Ten #3
GRCH 'PR' Knowel' Shadytown's GA Peaches

1996 Top Ten #5
1997 Top Ten #10

GRCH Gemini's Blonde Ambition CNC

GRCH Candy's Azumah

1995 Top Ten #6
1996 Top Ten #7
CH Candy's Crystal Blu Persuation
 CH 'PR' Piton's Little Girl Boca CGC
UC-D GRCH 'PR' Lisa's Piton

1997 Top Ten #8
'PR' Chahill's Irish Warrior
CH Lisa's Girlfriend
CH 'PR' Mango's Maddie 'PR' Danger's Czarr
'PR' Danger's Gator



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